2017 - Munich, DE


Designing and validating a service for SME's in the UK to access credit. The goal was to understand the business portential and the solution fit.

My role: Lead Service Designer



Helping small businesses get paid for what they sell and unlock their cash

In the UK, 1 in 3 company failures are caused by late or unpaid invoices. Sellers have no control over when they get paid, resulting in small business not being able to manage their cashflow. Additionally, SMEs have few affordable options to access credit inssurance. 

Crediful aims to provide SMEs with flexible and affordable credit options. The entrepreneurs behind this idea joined AllianzX for three months to validate their concept and aim for investment.

A workshop with stakeholders validating the service vision

Understanding credit challenges faced by UK SMEs and shaping Crediful's proposition

By conduct interviews with SMEs in the UK we validated hypothesis regarding cash flow issues that small companies face and understood their desicion making when requesting credit for growth or cashflow. The research also revealed the fearless attitude that drives these organisations to continue growing as well as how they build trust in order to enssure their business stays afloat.

With these findings, Crediful set to offer invoice factoring to SMEs, in combination with an insurance partner to ensure payment. The service value add was a credit checker, where SMEs could verify the level of risk when dealing with a specific customer so they could select either a different partner or opt for a better protection. This feature helped SMEs build trust with their customers faster and at a lower risk.

Key research findings

Setting up an experiment to validate the Crediful's business potential and secure Allianz's investment.

As part of program at AllianzX, Crediful needed to validate the customer's willingness to pay and gather first indications of revenue streams and profit potential.

The experiment consisted on targeting prospects and directing them to Crediful's website, where they could get a first experience of the service and begin the subsciption process.

Identifying the channels and defining the conversion funnel

Designing the website and artifacts to conduct the experiment.

Using wireframes and user-flows, I designed Crediful's website with a focus on enabling customers to get a first taste of the service offer. The team's visual designer worked in parallel to define Crediful's brand and visual identity. 

We also focused on creating online and offline campaigns to drive customers to the site. The website was implemented hand-in-hand with developers using Wordpress and a scrum approach.

Crediful-Marketing flyer
One of the offline marketing materials

The experiment validated the customer's need and willigness to get Crediful as a service

With the website in place we ran online and offline campaigns to target customers using Facebook, LinkedIn, email, AdWords and even post mailing to reach potential customers.

We measure conversion from different channels and heat-maps to quickly find and fix usability issues. The leads that were generated were also interviewed at a later stage in order to further understand the benefits and challenges that Crediful would have if being launched.

Overview of the experiment

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