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For contract renewal and device upgrade, customers use a combination of offline and online channels to interact with Vodafone. Since these channels have been designed in isolation, the customer experience is fragmented, confusing and often redundant.

Together with Vodafone we set out to understand the current experience and identify opportunities to blur the line between digital and physical channels, seeking to enhance value when used in combination.

My role: Lead Service Designer - at Essense Service Design

Vodafone store service


Observations and in-depth interviews with customers and store personnel highlighted key strategic opportunities.

After conducting several interviews in six Vodafone stores across The Netherlands we were able to validate a clear need for backing up data without hassle. However, the research also confirmed that customers already use - and are loyak to - similar services for this purpose. Aditionally, store personnel would often suggest customers to use competitor services to back up their data and transfer it to another device.

This meant that despite the need, neither customers nor staff expected Vodafone to offer a service to fulfil it. It was clear that a partnership with a backup service with a strong market presence, would be a key service element.

Interviews with store personnel helped mapped the customer experience as well as the attitudes and challenges faced by employees
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Mapping the customer journey as baseline to redesign the experience.

Research findings were used to map the as-is customer journey and to identify gaps and opportunities. The research also uncovered customer attitudes and behaviours towards renewal and repair experiences, like the expected duration of an in-store interaction or the frequency on which data is backed up. As a result, we defined five design principles that would be the baseline for redesigning the renewal and repair journeys. 

Image: Synthesising research findings to map the customer journey

Conceptualising solutions and detailing service elements to evaluate with stakeholders.

Together with Vodafone, we defined design principles and strategic opportunities to guide the service re-design. A new customer journey was mapped together with the basic back-end service activities that would be required to provide the new experience.

Additionally, different service elements were designed in further detail in order to showcase the overall concept and how this could be implemented.

Customer journey showcasing one of the solution concepts - Details are confidential

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