Increasing hospital performance through digital services

Service Design, UX Design

2016, Amsterdam NL

A doctor talking to patients in front of a computer

Hospitals dilemma: Ensuring quality of patient care while balancing cost and performance

Hospital department heads are responsible for improving departmental performance. They need to achieve targets while reducing costs, and without compromising patient care. 

As medical equipment provider and industry leader, Philips saw this as an opportunity. Through a combination of technology, data, and expert advice, the company set out to offer a complete suite of services to support hospital heads in achieving continuous performance improvement.

Image: Grünter Valda

Tackling a business opportunity through service design

Moving from selling hospital equipment to offering services around those products represented a fundamental change for Philips, which would likely impact multiple units in the organization.

Through a series of stakeholder workshops, close contact with medical staff, and the involvement of several Philips units, we determined the target personas, define the value proposition, and explore monetization strategies.

stakeholder providing ideas about the dashboard during an ideation workshop
Stakeholder workshop - Designing the digital touchpoint
a stakeholder mapping the service steps during a workshop
Stakeholder workshop - Mapping the service journey
Customer journey
A snapshot of the service journey - anonymised. 

Mapping the to-be journey to define a shared service vision

Service mapping was critical to the project's success. It enabled the team to:

  • Define a unified service vision across the organization
  • Identify the roles and activities required to offer the service
  • Leverage existing knowledge and identify dependencies
  • Engage employees who would ultimately implement or deliver the service

Identifying risks and scoping the MVP through service prototyping

The vision was clear. But was it feasible and under what timeline? We needed to understand the limitations and scope a minimum service that could be rolled out as a pilot within a short time.

I facilitated a hackathon where we prototyped different touchpoints to validate assumptions. For instance: we created a prototype for the dashboard to test data quality and visualization. Or we role-played a customer service call to tune the support and questions from customers. 

an overview of the dashboard screens printed and glued to a wall
From mockup to prototype
roleplaying the service
Roleplaying service interactions

Improving hospital performance through a combination of data insights, expert advice and maintenance services

Performance Bridge is a suite of services for hospital continuous improvement, which consists of three main elements:

  1. Analytics: Real-time insights providing a view of medical equipment metrics to monitor departmental performance. With notifications to monitor and address issues. 
  2. Case studies: Access to relevant case studies, best practices, and protocols, that address specific opportunity areas based on the department status. 
  3. Expert services: Expert advice to guide decision-making as well as preventive maintenance and repair services.
an overview of the service elements, from the dashboard to the expert advice
Concept of service elements overview
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