Envisioning a multichannel experience for contract renewal and device repair centered around safe backup and quick migration of data.
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Vodafone and Dropbox offered a service to backup and migrate smartphone data like pictures, contacts, or even mobile phone settings. As a strategy to increase the number of customers using this application, Vodafone wanted to embed it into the contract renewal, device upgrade, and device repair journey, as safely storing data and quickly migrating content from one device to another are critical customer concerns.

Interviews and observations with customers and Vodafone store personnel revealed the steps, expectations, and obstacles that customers experience when renewing their contract and getting a new device, or sending their device for repair. Mapping the customer journey and facilitating workshops with Vodafone allowed us to define a service vision that would provide a unified multichannel experience for customers while promoting Vodafone's data backup service.

Competing in a saturated market.

Interviews with customers and store personnel revealed that most people already use services to backup and migrate their data. On the other hand, store personnel preferred suggesting third-party services for this purpose as they are often established data and software companies known by customers, which offer direct customer support.

This meant that despite the need to easily backup and migrate data, neither customers nor staff thought of Vodafone as the right provider to fulfill this need. It was clear that the partnership with Dropbox was essential, but there were critical challenges to drive customers to use Vodafone's backup service like highlighting its added value over established third parties and influencing staff to promote Vodafone's solution.

Vodafone repair service.
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Customer journey map.

A fragmented customer experience.

Research uncovered attitudes and behaviors revolving the process for contract renewal, device upgrade, and repairs, like the expected duration of an in-store interaction or the frequency at which data is backed up.  

We learned that during these service moments, customers interact with Vodafone using a combination of channels like in-store visits, online support, or the call center. But these channels have been designed in isolation, creating a fragmented and often redundant experience.

Findings were used to map the as-is customer journey, which showcased critical friction points throughout the experience and highlighted possibilities to embed Vodafone's data backup service.   

Envisioning a repair and renewal journey revolving around Vodafone's backup solution.

As highlighted by the research, the main challenge would be to showcase Vodafone's role in backing up and migrating data. Together with Vodafone, we defined strategic opportunities to guide the service redesign. 

A vision customer journey was mapped along with the necessary back-end service activities that would be required to provide the new experience. Additionally, different service elements like a website mockup and a flyer were designed in further detail to showcase the overall concept.

Service vision journey - Details are confidential
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