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Long story short

Long story short

I'm a designer and researcher tackling business challenges through a human-centred approach. I have +7 years of experience creating digital products across various industries, in-house and as a consultant.

I have a background in UX Design, passion for user research and an understanding of business pragmatism. My specialty is bridging the gap between people's needs and business drivers to create solutions that drive value for customers and organisations.

What I do

interviewing women in India
Conducting ethnographic research with women in India.
Conducting ethnographic research with women in India.
Conducting ethnographic research with women in India.

Uncovering customer insights through a combination of research methods.

I specialise in qualitative discovery research, but have experience with a wide range of research methods throughout the product or service life cycle- from ethnographic research to surveys, and remote usability testing.

Why mixing methods? - Selecting the right combination of research methods to tackle the challenge at hand results in well rounded customer understanding, ultimately leading to more confident strategic decision making.

a view from behind the glass at the usability lab
Moderated usability testing at the lab.
Usability testing.
shadowing participants when doing cash deposits at shops
Shadowing participants doing cash deposits.
Usability testing.

Identifying opportunities for innovation & product improvement

"Making sense of chaos" - Finding connections, filtering and prioritising insights is perhaps the most valuable moment of all.

I translate raw research data into tangible artefacts like design principles, diagrams, customer journeys, stories, mockups or prototypes. These help decipher and identify the most critical pieces of information and are powerful tools to align stakeholders, support decision making and communicate insights to the wider organisation.


User archetype.
Conducting ethnographic research with women in India.
Conducting ethnographic research with women in India.
maria hock walking stakeholders through the employee experience map
Opportunity mapping workshop with service blueprint.
Usability testing.
employee during a workshop reimagining the employee onboarding process
Ideation workshop.
Usability testing.
stakeholder providing ideas about the dashboard during an ideation workshop
Concept design.
Usability testing.

Designing & testing products from idea to market.

I work side by side with business owners, designers, developers and data analysts to bring new products, services or features to market, as well as to iterate and improve existing ones. 

My focus lays in conceptualising solutions grounded in research findings, and iteratively crafting detailed interactions and experiences. 

a participant during a usability test with the app prototype
Prototype and user test.
Conducting ethnographic research with women in India.
Conducting ethnographic research with women in India.
Detailed design.
Usability testing.

The more formal CV


Sr. User Researcher at N26 

Sep'19 - present in Berlin, DE

Sr. Business Designer at Ming Labs 

Nov'17 - Sep'19 in Berlin, DE

Service Designer at Allianz X

Nov'16 - Nov'17 in Munich, DE

Service Designer at Essense

Oct'15 - Nov'16 in Amsterdam, NL

UX Designer at User Intelligence

Aug'13 - Sep'15 in Amsterdam, NL


UX/UI - Teacher at ReDi 

Jan'21 - Present, Berlin, DE

Jan'19 - Jan' 20, Berlin, DE

Designer at ZACCAF - Zambia

Jun'12 - present, Remote


MSc. Design for Interaction

at Delft University of Technology

Graduated Apr'13 - Delft, NL

BSc. Product Design Engineer

at EAFIT University 

Graduated Dec'11 - MedellĂ­n, CO


Design Leadership

by DesignDept - Completed Feb '21

SQL Fundamentals

by Data camp - Completed Jan '21

Design Sprint

by AJ & Smart - Completed Aug '19

Designing a Business

by IDEO U - Completed April '19


Experienced with a range of research methods like interviews, observations, surveys, usability testing, card sorting and diary studies. Mapping customer journeys, service blueprints,  business model opportunities. Creating personas, user-flows, wireframes and prototypes. 


User Zoom, Survey monkey, Figma, Sketch, Illustrator, InDesign, InVision, Jira, Trello


Spanish (native), English (fluent), German (intermediate), Dutch (basic).

Want to know more?

Drop me a line to I am always happy to chat over coffee and cake.
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