Building the bank you'll love

User Research, Strategy, UX Design

2019 - 2021, Berlin DE

Image by Pikawood via Unsplash

Transforming everyday banking

N26 is a mobile bank with over 7 million customers. The company is set to revolutionise the industry by creating a bank people love to use. N26 offers a range of features for different financial needs, like day to day payments, international transfers, budgeting, splitting the bill, insurances and more. 

🎯 My role: As a senior researcher, I led studies for teams that focused on European markets and Premium accounts. The role combined hands-on qual and quant research with stakeholder management, roadmap planning, team capacity allocation and coaching. 

Details of my work are confidential. This is a glimpse of what I did. 

In-depth customer understanding to drive product strategy in key markets

I worked across initiatives to increase N26's competitiveness in key European markets. Conducting qualitative deep-dives I uncovered people's financial needs, attitudes, and behaviours.
Research learnings shaped the local strategy for countries like FR and the UK. Highlighted unmet needs and product gaps turned into big-bets for teams to focus on.

shadowing participants when doing cash deposits at shops
Observations with customers
Feature ideation session

Feature discovery and validation in an agile environment

As a contributor, I conducted studies to support the teams' day-to-day decision making throughout the product development cycle. We built new features and improved existing ones. Examples include: Cash26, International transfers and Insurance

Scaling and promoting research across the organisation

A  portion of my role focused on expanding research reach and impact. This included facilitating workshops with other departments (e.g. procurement, data), and seting up trainings, templates and guidelines to enable non-researchers to own and conduct a few types of studies. 

Workshop facilitation
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