Changing mobility for good

Team lead, User Research

2021 - today, Berlin DE

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Changing mobility for good

TIER is a mobility company providing shared electric transport solutions for urban trips. Offering shared e-scooters, e-bikes and bicycles.

🎯 MY ROLE: I manage the Research and Insights team at TIER. My role is to set an impactful research agenda and create an environment for researchers to thrive.

Details of my work are confidential. This is a glimpse of what I, and the team, have been working on.

Identifying oppotunities to stand out in a saturated mobility market

Shared micro mobility's growing popularity as a transport mode means new players are constantly entering the market. With the vehicles and services being all too similar, there is little differentiation across operators.

The research team set out to uncover the core customer needs through a diary study, and evaluate these using a gap analysis. As a result, we mapped the value curve to to identify key opportunities for TIER to meet customer expectations and stand out from competitors.

Value gap analysis
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Evaluating vehicle and app experience against competitors

We conducted benchmark studies that combined qualitative and quantitative input from consumers. The goal was to compare TIER's vehicle and app experience against operators to identify and prioritise improvements.

Teams like product, hardware, and marketing utilised the insights for decision making. Besides leading and contributing to the studies, I facilitated cross-team collaboration, and managed external partners.

Scaling the organisation's capacity to conduct evaluative research

I implemented an unmoderated research program for teams to conduct evaluative studies, with minimum support from user researchers. The program trippled the organisation's capacity for this type of research.

The set-up includes UserTesting, templates, and feedback sessions for teams. In just a few weeks, teams adopted the tool and process and have now integrated user input to day to day product decisions.

UserTesting platform
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