Designing digital experiences for Germany's leading companies

User Research, Service Design, UX Design

2016 - 2019, Berlin DE

maria hock facilitating a workshop
Image by Kai Mueller

Defining and delivering digital products and services

Ming Labs is a design consultancy located in Berlin. As a Business Designer, I worked with Germany’s leading corporations across industries to ideate, design, and validate products/services, from early-stage value propositions to detailed product interactions.

In my role, I led user research throughout the design process, from exploratory to evaluative studies in order to identify opportunity areas for new product propositions as well as customer experience improvements. I was also involved in designing and testing low-fi prototypes to assess detailed interactions.


Improving customer support as the first step towards user & customer-centricity.


Creating the digital experience for a new printing solution from concept to implementation.

Creating the digital experience for a new printing solution from concept to implementation


Designing a first-class employee onboarding experience across units to reduce turnover.


Conceptualize and validate the proposition of a recommendation service for material selection.


Designing new product / service offerings for an untapped market.


Design, test and define the MVP of an insurance quotation tool for MunichRe in Africa.

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